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If your property resides outside the incorporated boundaries of Harbor Rural Fire Protection District, according to Curry County Tax Assessment records, your structure is in an area without organized fire suppression facilities.  

With a Fire Suppression Subscription, you will not be charged hourly rates in accordance with state law for personnel and equipment response costs should the fire department need to respond to your residence.  The fire department will also know exactly where your property is located, and understand access to the property, water supply options, and be better prepared to respond to emergencies at your home.  Having a fire suppression subscription may also make you eligible for a reduction in your homeowner's fire insurance premiums, but you will need to check with your insurance carrier.

The Fire Suppression Subscription cost is calculated at the current rate of $.60 per $1,000 of the current tax assessed value of your residence.  If you would like to check if your residence is outside of the tax boundary, you may call Harbor Fire or click on the map below to be taken to Curry County's map.



The dotted red line from the Chetco River bridge down to McVay Creek represents the Harbor Rural Fire Protection District.


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